Bonnie Voy'age, you are my hero

Ohhh Bonnie Voy'age you genius you! How funny are these? I'm not going to give it away, but the rest of the costume is just as creative -- and wrong. Very, very wrong (but oddly, oh so right!). Bonnie trotted these out at Dizzy Swank's 40th Birthday Party at the Slipper Room on August 17, 2008. Most of the routines that night were centered around the idea that Dizzy's over the hill, but this was my absolute favorite. Far out!


Oh how I wish it were true!

Dirty Martini is a national treasure, and we're lucky enough to have her here in NYC (most of the time). Honestly, every time I see her perform, it's electric. And how naughty are these homemade For Sale pasties? I shot this at the now-shuttered (and much missed) RiFiFi in August of 2006, I believe at a Starshine or Sweet & Nasty show. I'll bet I'm not the only one who wishes it were true!


Satanic Christmas light-up pasties

Bless you Fem Appeal. How freaking cool are these homemade light-up pasties? Fem wore these at the !BadAss! Burlesque Satanic Christmas show on December 20, 2008. The act, like the pasties, was excellent.