Merry Christmas!

Many thanks to the gorgeous Fifi Dupree (waving -- hi Feef!) for these red-and-green Christmas pasties. I love them! What a happy holiday it was in December of 2006 when Fifi wore these babies at Kitty Nights.


Lola Dare's pretty nectar-seeking bees

I post these today because it was freezing in NYC with plenty of snow. And not the good kinda snow either: it was icy and slushy and windy and icky out. Meh. Not my favorite weather. But who could remain in a bad mood with these pretty pasties staring at you? Lola Dare wore these nectar-seeking bees and flower pasties in December of 2006 and a Lucky Fridays show. Just lovely!


Just lovely. Gal Friday knows her pasties.

Gal Friday rocked these gorgeous crystal pasties at a December 2006 show at Kitty Nights. Sparkly and stunning.


Stormy Leather's Happy Holidays Are Our Happy Holidays too!

This excellent Christmas-set-o-pasties was shot almost exactly 2 years ago today. Stormy Leather wore these at a Christmas show at Kitty Nights (12-2006). Pretty and sparkly and holiday-rific.


Liitle Brooklyn's Richard Simmons hirsute pasties

Little Brooklyn cracks me up. She's the perfect blend of sexy burlesquer and comic relief. Also, best facial expressions ever. But this is a pasties blog, not facial expressions blog, so let's focus on these tremendous wonders. Little Brooklyn trotted these out at The Slipper Room in September of 2006. You hadda be there.


Nasty Canasta's star-shaped pasties, a Mermaid Parade gift of goodness

Here's Nasty Canasta at the Mermaid Parade in June of 2006 wearing some gorgeous gold, sequin-lined star-shaped pasties. *drool*


Animal-print pasties make me growl! Sexy!

Tula LaGams wore these leopard-patterned pasties in September of 2006 at one of her events at Jimmy's 43. Love the tassels (I'm a sucker for tassels), the print, and the attitude needed to wear them. Rock on, Tula!