Fairly amazing, am I right? I think these are homemade by N, and I saw them at HyperGender's Necromance show on February 6, 2010 at WoW Cafe Theater. Part of a Lady Gaga performance piece.


It's A Little Stormy in the radioactive fallout shelter

These pasties were worn by It's a Little Stormy at the December 5, 2009 HyperGender show at WoW Cafe Theater. It was a radioactive stinky-cheese number that was quite brilliant.


Clams Casino is so totally a rock star

How completely awesome are these rock star pasties? Worn by Clams Casino at Bunny Love's Little Friday Show at the Slipper Room on December 18, 2008.


Bonnie Voy'age, you are my hero

Ohhh Bonnie Voy'age you genius you! How funny are these? I'm not going to give it away, but the rest of the costume is just as creative -- and wrong. Very, very wrong (but oddly, oh so right!). Bonnie trotted these out at Dizzy Swank's 40th Birthday Party at the Slipper Room on August 17, 2008. Most of the routines that night were centered around the idea that Dizzy's over the hill, but this was my absolute favorite. Far out!


Oh how I wish it were true!

Dirty Martini is a national treasure, and we're lucky enough to have her here in NYC (most of the time). Honestly, every time I see her perform, it's electric. And how naughty are these homemade For Sale pasties? I shot this at the now-shuttered (and much missed) RiFiFi in August of 2006, I believe at a Starshine or Sweet & Nasty show. I'll bet I'm not the only one who wishes it were true!


Satanic Christmas light-up pasties

Bless you Fem Appeal. How freaking cool are these homemade light-up pasties? Fem wore these at the !BadAss! Burlesque Satanic Christmas show on December 20, 2008. The act, like the pasties, was excellent.


Mini Malicious' yummy pasties

Mini Malicious (whom I miss as I never get to see her anymore) wore these edible pasties (I kid you not) at Fem Appeal's Kitty Nights at NYC's Bar on A, August 27, 2006.


Fem Appeal cracks me up

Fem Appeal surprised me when she took off her clothes and she was wearing these (probably homemade) "Double Wide" pasties. They were from a Sunday night Kitty Nights in August of 2006. I wish I could remember what the act was! I'll bet it was hysterical. Fem's stuff usually is.


Merry Christmas!

Many thanks to the gorgeous Fifi Dupree (waving -- hi Feef!) for these red-and-green Christmas pasties. I love them! What a happy holiday it was in December of 2006 when Fifi wore these babies at Kitty Nights.


Lola Dare's pretty nectar-seeking bees

I post these today because it was freezing in NYC with plenty of snow. And not the good kinda snow either: it was icy and slushy and windy and icky out. Meh. Not my favorite weather. But who could remain in a bad mood with these pretty pasties staring at you? Lola Dare wore these nectar-seeking bees and flower pasties in December of 2006 and a Lucky Fridays show. Just lovely!


Just lovely. Gal Friday knows her pasties.

Gal Friday rocked these gorgeous crystal pasties at a December 2006 show at Kitty Nights. Sparkly and stunning.


Stormy Leather's Happy Holidays Are Our Happy Holidays too!

This excellent Christmas-set-o-pasties was shot almost exactly 2 years ago today. Stormy Leather wore these at a Christmas show at Kitty Nights (12-2006). Pretty and sparkly and holiday-rific.


Liitle Brooklyn's Richard Simmons hirsute pasties

Little Brooklyn cracks me up. She's the perfect blend of sexy burlesquer and comic relief. Also, best facial expressions ever. But this is a pasties blog, not facial expressions blog, so let's focus on these tremendous wonders. Little Brooklyn trotted these out at The Slipper Room in September of 2006. You hadda be there.


Nasty Canasta's star-shaped pasties, a Mermaid Parade gift of goodness

Here's Nasty Canasta at the Mermaid Parade in June of 2006 wearing some gorgeous gold, sequin-lined star-shaped pasties. *drool*


Animal-print pasties make me growl! Sexy!

Tula LaGams wore these leopard-patterned pasties in September of 2006 at one of her events at Jimmy's 43. Love the tassels (I'm a sucker for tassels), the print, and the attitude needed to wear them. Rock on, Tula!


Darlinda Just Darlinda makes me smile -- even when rainy days make me cry

Darlinda Just Darlinda cracked me up with these wonderful cloud pasties while at the Slipper Room (complete with rain drops!).


Lady Crimson's crimson pasties

The pasties that cap these bountiful and beautiful breasts belong to Lady Crimson, and were featured at Lucky Fridays in March of 2007. Lucky pasties!


Fem Appeal's adorable gingerbread men

These sweet holiday pasties are from Kitty Nights in December of 2006. I'm a sucker for holiday-themed pasties and Fem never disappoints.


Fem Appeal is watching you

Fem wore these amazing homemade pasties at Kitty Nights in August of 2006. Every time I see her, she has another pastie surprise under her outfit! Are these not amazing??


More pectoral-pasties!!

Christmas pasties! I said I was going to hold off on the holiday stuff until after thanksgiving, but I couldn't. I caved! Here's Dizzy Swank, amazing performer and photographer, rocking the Swanky Claus pasties at Lucky Fridays in December of 2006.

And, a big thank you to those who pointed out that "man boobs" was not a flattering term. I'm using "pectoral pasties instead." I didn't know. Mea culpa.


A Pinkie Special special goodbye

Ohh I feel the tears a-comin'. I am so sad to say a (hopefully temporary) goodbye to NYC's own Pinkie Special, who we are losing to France. I hope all you folks in France are happy! You are getting a one of our best.

These pasties were from this weekend's BadAss! Four-Year Annivesary show, November 15, 2008. Pinkie was undead, but her glitter and blood pasties kept everyone else wide-awake.

Hotter than ever, Stormy Leather

Stormy Leather rocked these black leather, o-ring, and rivets pasties at Kitty Nights in December of 2006. H-O-T!


A rare treat: Triple pastie shot!

Here are, in order left to right, Plum Manchego, Dazie Tomatoes, and Gal Friday, at Kitty Nights in February of 2007. How often does this happen: Six beautiful pasties all in a row? Well, almost never!


Rounding out the Fifi Dupree posts

Here's the lovely lady sharing fluffy, fuzzy, soft and pretty puff-pasties. These are from a show in December of 2006 at Lucky Fridays, held at NYC's Lucky Cheng's. I miss Lucky Fridays!


Gal Friday wearing her recently purchased Fifi Dupree pasties

I believe these were pasties Gal Friday bought from Fifi Dupree at Kitty Nights. I do know that Gal wore these at Kitty Nights in February of 2007. Aren't they beautiful? And they look amazing next to her skin! Trimmed in black lace, besequined with red, and just lovely.

Pandora's awesome purple hand pasties

I thought these were amazing! Purple, be-sequined, tasseled hand pasties! Pandora wore these in July 2006, at Kitty Nights, for a fantastic purple-roped bondage act.

Fifi Dupree selling some of her beautiful handmade pasties

This picture is from January 2007, at Kitty Nights, held at Bar on A. The pasties were all lovely (just like their creator) and very popular.


More of Fifi's handmade pasties, on Dazie Tomatoes

Dazie Tomatoes models some of Fifi Dupree's handmade pasties at Lucky Fridays in January of 2007. These pasties have got it all: leopard-print, tassels, and sequins! What's not to love?


More Fifi Dupree!

More handmade pasties by Mz. Fifi Dupree, that is. And don't they look lovely on their creator? (Top and bottom.)

SO pretty!

Fifi Dupree's handmade pasties

Fifi Dupree made beautiful pasties for sale. These are from a February 2007 show. I believe (but am not certain) that Gal Friday bought them.

Burgundy Brixx's clothespin pasties

Burgundy Brixx ends a very powerful act with the act of putting clothespins on her (?) pastie-covered nipples, at Kitty Nights, March 2007.


Janice Di Milo thinks books are beautiful, too

It's the Dewey-Decimal System! On pasties! Janice unveiled these at the Sugar Shack (February '07) for her naughty librarian act.


Velocity Chyaldd straps on some electrical tape

Velocity wore these at Dottie Lux's birthday party at Brooklyn's Galapagos in March of 2007. Lucky electrical tape pasties!!


Janice Di Milo before and after PhotoShop

This is the original shot of Janice Di Milo doing her prom queen (with a secret or two) act at Sugar Shack at the long-lost Clinton Street Lotus in February of 2007.

Here is the retouched photo, just for giggles.

Gal Friday -- It's all about the Benjamins

More money! I love money pasties! Gal Friday rocked these at the very first HyperGender, April of 2007.

Tula LaGams Hasidic pasties

Tula LaGams featured these Hasidic pasties in July of 2007 at HyperGender as part of her (very well done) act. Most unusual!


Li'l Miss Lixx's kitty-titties

I thought these were brilliant. I believe this was the first time I saw Lixx, at January 2007's Kitty Nights at Bar on A, NYC. When she unveiled them, the audience erupted into applause. Deservedly so.

Burgundy Brixx's little yellow birdies

Are these not adorable? Burgundy Brixx wore these in January of 2007 at Kitty Nights. Feathers! Googly eyes! Glitter!

Mini Malicious channels Al Bundy

These custom pasties were worn by Mini Malicious at Kitty Nights in January of 2007. They complimented her 'Married with Children' act perfectly.

New section: Pectoral Pasties!

This picture, sent to me by the man himself, is JD Weiner, at Jo Boobs' student showcase. From JD:

"I was at one of Jo's student showcases, and she asked for a volunteer, like she usually does. Suddenly I've got four women pushing me, saying "Go! Go! Go!" So I figure what the hell, let's give it a shot. And I get up there on stage with Jo at the Slipper Room, and she has me take off my shirt, and puts the pasties on me, and whispers in my ear how to twirl them, and I have a go at it. The audience seemed to like it. When I thanked Jo later, she said, "I always figured you had an exhibitionist streak." And here is the photographic evidence... BTW, that carpet tape is strong stuff. These are really not intended for us folks with hair around our nipples. OW."

How JD suffers for his art.

Photo by Eden Miller.


Bonnie Voy'age's soft white furballs

Ms. Bonnie Voy'age, a multitalented performer, delighted the folks at the Shaken and Stirred 2-year anniversary show at the Slipper Room in September of 2008. She was an angel at first...(and that's all I'll say!).

Pookie Patootie dazzles the crowd

Pookie wore these and stunned the crowd at the $pread magazine "Grind the Vote" show in July of 2008. They sparkled with every move she made and the crystals picked up the prismatic lights from the other jewelry she wore. Glamorous! The crowd at the Slipper Room went wild when she opened up her white fans and these pasties peeked out!

Unreal SirReal!

These pasties were part of a much larger lobster-themed outfit. (If I did a merkin blog, you'd see her lovely large red lobster one.) Can you see the seaweed poking out? Too much!


Belladonnas de Lux's tiki

Australia's Belladonnas de Lux showed off these tiki-inspired babies at the 2007 New York Burlesque Festival to rave reviews.

Jo Boobs' babies

Jo Boobs showcased these beauties at the New York Burlesque Festival in September of 2007. I can say, I've never seen anything like them! Gorgeous!


Ruby Valentine's latex-covered lovelies

Ruby Valentine took part in The Baroness' latex fashion show at Porn Rock Easter Ball, Easter 2008. She's showing off red and white latex nunnery pasties and a matching wimple. Smokin' hot!

Jasmine Blushes makes me blush!

Jasmine Blushes' tat cradles her underboob. SO pretty! Jasmine is wearing black satiny ruffled pasties with large crystals sewn in. I suspect she made them herself, as she's a talented costumier.

Golden Gal Friday

Gal Friday, bathed in warm golden light, displays her crystal-encrusted pasties at HyperGender's Goddesses show in March of 2008. Beautiful!